How can I map calendar relations?

You can map calendar relations so Google Calendar can sync its data to a Notion relation property.

If you have a "Contacts" database on Notion, you can map the Google Calendar "Attendees" field to a relation property on Notion that links to your Contacts database. This will sync the attendees' contact data from Google Calendar events over to related Notion contacts.

Note: If the relation property on Notion is linking to another database, this database also needs to be connected to 2sync so we can pull the data.


The ability to map multiple Notion email fields for attendee contacts is useful if you store contacts with more than one email address. For instance, selecting "Email," "Email 2," and "Email 3" will check each of those fields in order to match a Google Calendar attendee's email to a Notion contact.

Follow these steps to learn how to map calendar relations:

  1. Create or edit your Google Calendar automation with 2sync.
  2. Open the Field Mapping section.
  3. Locate the relation property. In this case, we will use the default Contacts property.
  4. Following the example, match the value to Email, Email 2, Email 3, and so on in this specific order. If you click on the button, you'll be able to see all the other values you can map.

Done! Mapping relational properties opens a world of possibilities to use hundreds of Notion templates that sync different values and databases.

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