How to connect Google Calendar to Notion

Connecting your Google Calendar with Notion can help you streamline your scheduling and task management. You can do it easily with 2sync.

Connect your Google Calendar with 2sync

  1. Go to the Google Calendar & Notion Sync onboarding.
  2. Click on Connect Google Calendar.
  3. Choose the Google account that has the calendars you want to sync.
  4. Grant all necessary permissions so that 2sync can access your events and make updates.
  5. Once your calendar is connected, pick the calendars you want to use with the automation.

If you wish to add a new Google account, click Add a new connection and repeat the steps above.

Select the default calendar

You can select which calendar you want to Set as default next to the calendar's name in the onboarding. This will ensure that any new events created in Notion will automatically be added to that default calendar.

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