What extra features does 2sync offer that are not available in Notion Calendar?

Although Notion Calendar seems to offer services similar to 2sync, this is not really the case. 2sync offers extra features not currently available in the Notion Calendar app.

✨ Mainly, we offer a complete 2-way sync that provides higher value because you can fully make Notion your playground and work with your events directly in your Notion databases. The data will sync between services in real time.

Conversely, if you use Notion Calendar, no data flows between the Google calendars and Notion databases; there's no real synchronization happening. This limits how you can work with your events because importing your calendar events into a Notion database is not possible here.

In addition, we'll constantly expand our supported tools to sync with Notion and additional features. Stay tuned!

In other words:

2sync offers a full 2-way sync feature in real time

2sync allows working with events directly in Notion

2sync can import events and tasks into a Notion database

❌ With Notion Calendar, no data flow or sync happens between your Notion databases and your calendars

❌ Importing events directly into a Notion database is not possible with Notion Calendar

❌ You can't work directly in your Notion database to sync your events to external calendars using Notion Calendar

Check our complete article comparing 2sync and Notion Calendar here: https://2sync.com/blog/2sync-vs-notion-calendar

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