Why are some events not being deleted?

By default, if you delete an event or task from Notion, we just un-sync it instead of permanently removing it from your synced tool. The same thing happens when you delete an event from the tool.

We do this to let you delete the event manually and prevent mistakes of losing data that you have attached to that event.

Hide deleted entries on Notion

You can use the view filters to skip or hide deleted entries:

  • Where > Sync status > Does not contain > removed
  • And > Sync status > Does not contain > ignored

You can also use the Notion Automations Events Data property (legacy).

Allow event deletion

If you want to allow event deletion anyway, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Automations page.
  2. Select your automation.
  3. Scroll down to Sync Settings and open it.
  4. Toggle Allow event/task deletion on.
  5. Confirm the changes.

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