Can I sync more than two tools at the same time?

You can sync the tools you want in different automations and sync the same Notion item to more than two calendars or tools—either in one-way or two-way syncs—provided the item has only "traveled" once from one tool to the other.

2sync can't sync the same event or task to three tools in the same synchronization journey.

Moreover, an item can't be synced directly to a third tool if its source is not Notion and it's now synced in your Notion database.

The mapping is one(Notion)-to-one(provider), and we cannot do a one(Notion)-to-many(providers).

In other words, an item will only "travel" once in the same sync.

Let's see some examples:

Example 1: If you want to sync Event A from Google Calendar to Notion database 1 and you also want Event A to appear on Todoist, it is not possible to create a second automation that syncs this event from Notion database 1 to Todoist. The event has already been synced from Google Calendar to Notion and will not sync to a third tool.

Example 2: You work with Notion database 2 and create Automation A and Automation B, each syncing to a different Google calendar in a 2-way sync. The items from this database will successfully sync to and from Automation A and Automation B since the event wasn't synced from Tool 1 to Tool 2 and then to Tool 3 (which is not possible, as per example 1).

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