How do I set the default automation for a task or event in Notion?

If you use the same template with two or more automations and want to sync to one of them by default on Notion, you can edit the Source property in the database.

If you create a Google Calendar automation, you will be able to see this filter by default:

Sync Notion pages when None of the following are true

Source is not Google Calendar

This filter tells the automation to only sync Google Calendar events.

If you go to Notion, the event you create in your database will be synced to Google Calendar by default. However, if you set a second automation or more, you will be able to manually choose which tool you want the events or tasks to be synced to by selecting it in the Source property when you create them:

How to edit the default source on Notion

You can freely edit our template, so every time you create an item, it will be synced to the automation of your choice automatically, eliminating the need to do it manually every time you don't want it to be Google Calendar.

If you want to change the default tool on Notion, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your Main Database and click on the arrow next to New.

  1. Next to Event, click on the three points and then on Edit.

  1. In the next window, change the default property. In this example, you can change your current Google Calendar default value to any other, like Todoist or Google Tasks.

Done! Next time you create an item in this Notion database, it will be synced by default to the tool you've chosen here. You can also delete the options you won't use.

How to set 2sync's default source and use filters in the automation

As we've seen in the example before, when creating a Google Calendar automation, 2sync will set this filter by default:

Sync Notion pages when None of the following are true

Source is not Google Calendar

In this example, you can set the filters so only public Google Calendar events that are assigned to John Doe, and that have a source as Google Calendar will be synced:

Another example is to also filter events or tasks with other conditions, such as with a Notion property value assigned to an organizer. For example:

This will tell the automation to only synchronize tasks that have David or Rebeca as the organizer.

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