How can I ignore specific items in a sync?

There may be times when you may not want to sync specific items from an automation. For instance, you may not want to sync your time blocking, lunch, or specific Google Calendar events unrelated to the purpose of your Notion workspace.

To ignore specific items in a sync when setting up the automations, follow these instructions, where we'll ignore focus time, for example.

  • Set up the automation and go to the fourth step.
  • Locate Sync Notion pages when "Any" of the following are true.
  • Click on Any and select None in the dropdown menu.
  • Then, Click on Add Condition and choose Event Title.
  • In the new row, choose contains in the dropdown menu and write Focus time.

You can sync the Notion pages when All, None, or Any of the selected conditions are true.

Check the video above for more information (1:58).

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