How do the Todoist Projects and Sections sync work?

With 2sync, you can sync Todoist tasks inside specific projects and sections.

Follow these steps to map your projects and sections:

  1. Create the projects and sections on Todoist that you want to sync over to Notion.
  2. Create Text/Select/Status properties on Notion for your projects and sections to map to. This will allow Notion to automatically populate the project and section when syncing new tasks over.
    1. The Todoist Project field is compatible with Notion's Text or Select properties.
    2. The Todoist Section field is compatible with Notion's Text, Select, and Status properties.
  3. Create or edit your Todoist automation with 2sync.
  4. Open the Field Mapping section.
  5. Locate the Project and Section fields.

  1. Click on the Match options button for the Project or Section field. Whatever you would like to configure now.

  1. Then, make sure to match the names of your previously created Todoist projects and sections to the ones you have on Notion and click on Save.

Done! When you create a task on Todoist or Notion, they will be synced to their respective projects or sections.

Note: The automatic creation and deletion of projects and sections in Todoist based on Notion values is not supported at this time. The projects and sections must already be present to be able to sync them.

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