Discover the simplicity and visual appeal of using aesthetic Notion templates to streamline your daily life and tasks. Notion, a versatile organization tool, can be functional and beautiful at the same time, making planning and tracking an enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore 26 carefully selected templates that blend practicality with a pleasant visual design, ensuring your digital organizing is not just efficient but also a feast for the eyes. The templates are in no particular order, and we prioritized utility coupled with aesthetics in our search. Keep reading!

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1. LifeSync OS

LifeSync OS template screenshot


  • Complete template for your personal and professional life
  • Meal planner, groceries, fitness section, budgeting, travel planner
  • Assignments and deadlines for your academic life
  • Highly customizable

💲Price: $29.99

2. Student Life Planner

Student Life Planner template screenshot
Student Life Planner template by NCLDesignCo


  • Organized and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Master task list and weekly schedule
  • Course pages
  • Personal trackers

💲Price: $8

3. Bujo Aesthetic Dashboard

Bujo Aesthetic Dashboard template screenshot
Bujo Aesthetic Dashboard by Sulka


  • Aesthetic blue pixel art template
  • Quick notes, journal, lists, and moods
  • Task manager and daily habits
  • Built-in calendar with priorities

💲Price: Free

4. Notion Startup OS

Notion Startup OS templates screenshot
Notion Startup OS template by Ali Rashidy


  • Template for startup planning, launch, and growth
  • Numerous aesthetic templates for startups and small businesses
  • Business Model Canvas, OKRs, portfolio, pitch deck creator, and ROI calculator
  • More than 200 tools and resources with weekly updates
  • Hundreds of views and thousands of colored icons

💲Price: $79

5. Life OS Dashboard

Life OS Dashboard template screenshot
Life OS Dashboard template by Chris


  • Dark and green beautiful template to manage your life
  • Finance, goals, and habit trackers
  • Fitness and meal planners
  • Quick buttons
  • Progress visualization

💲Price: $50

6. Language Learning Notion Planner

Language Learning Notion Planner template screenshot
Language Learning Notion Planner template by LacPlanners


  • Complete template to learn various languages
  • Language courses, tasks, and calendar
  • Sections for organization, study, favorites, culture, and levels
  • Aesthetically pleasing and reminiscent of a notebook

💲Price: $7

7. Explorer Travel Planner

Explorer Travel Planner template screenshot
Explorer Travel Planner template by Nicolas Lafargue


  • Beautiful and organized travel planner
  • Template focused on exploring
  • Complete countries database
  • Upcoming trips, bucket lists, past trips, progress, and itinerary

💲Price: $29

8. Tomato: Pomodoro Dashboard

Tomato: Pomodoro Dashboard template screenshot
Tomato: Pomodoro Dashboard template by Gridfiti


  • Beautiful Pomodoro timer template
  • Tasks with start and end times
  • Automatic productivity rating per session
  • Daily summaries

💲Price: Free

9. AlignOS

AlignOS template screenshot
AlignOS template by Brian Kimpson


  • Minimalist black and white template
  • Operating system focused on clarity
  • Habit tracker, planner, projects, training, journaling
  • Perfect to avoid procrastination and boost productivity

💲Price: $29

10. My Plant Planner

My Plant Planner template screenshot
My Plant Planner template by Cody


  • Clean template to organize your indoor and outdoor plants
  • Water, light, and fertilizer tracking
  • Pinterest-style gallery inspiration
  • Built-in wishlist

💲Price: $1.99

11. Mood Journal

Mood Journal template screenshot
Mood Journal template by Theresa Notion


  • Visually pleasing template with dark and light modes
  • Emotion tracking based on your journal entries
  • Daily, monthly, calendar, special occasions, and recently added views
  • Notes and reflections

💲Price: $20

12. Student Productivity Hub

Student Productivity Hub template screenshot
Student Productivity template by Geo – notioncrossing


  • Clean productivity hub for students
  • 4 themes to choose from: snow, purple, red, and anime
  • Lectures, tasks, to-dos, and assignments tracker
  • GPA / grade calculator

💲Price: £4

13. Mindful Journal

Mindful Journal template screenshot
Mindful Journal template by Chii


  • Minimalist interface for mindful journaling
  • Daily summary and entries
  • Habit and mood tracker
  • Statistics and throwback

💲Price: $15

14. Obsidian Life OS

Obsidian Life OS template screenshot
Obsidian Life OS template by Deepak yadav


  • Clean black and white productivity template
  • Planning, work, review, track, and extras areas
  • Goals, habit tracker, reading list, and bucket list
  • More than 30 template sections and more than 200 resources

💲Price: $50

15. Second Brain

Second Brain template screenshot
Second Brain Template by Pathpages


  • Unified personal workflow for enhanced productivity
  • Comprehensive sections for varied life management
  • Includes extensive resources and widgets
  • Adaptable system designed around life patterns
  • Light and dark modes

💲Price: $129

16. Notion Aesthetic Beginner Pack

Notion Aesthetic Beginner Pack template screenshot
Notion Aesthetic Beginner Pack template by Edun kerry


  • Seven diverse templates aimed at beginners
  • Aesthetic and easy-to-use designs for various workflows
  • Task management, note-taking, and project planning
  • Customizable to individual needs

💲Price: Free

17. Green & Matcha Student Planner

Green & Matcha Student Planner template screenshot
Green & Matcha Student Planner template by The Matcha Vibe


  • Two aesthetic themes: Green Anime and Matcha
  • Comprehensive dashboard with your week, courses, and upcoming events
  • Habit tracker, budget, assignments, exams, schedule, book trackers, and more
  • Includes unique course pages and study sessions

💲Price: Free

18. Smart Planner

Smart Planner template screenshot
Smart Planner template by jack!


  • Minimalist and focused task management template
  • Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Inbox, and Month Calendar views
  • All-at-a-glance design

💲Price: $1

19. Notion Meal Planner

Notion Meal Planner template screenshot
Notion Meal Planner template by Yaz Digital


  • Comprehensive weekly meal planner
  • Table view with the days
  • Meal description and recipes
  • Categorized grocery list

💲Price: $5

20. The Creative Freelancer Kit

The Creative Freelancer Kit template screenshot
The Creative Freelancer Kit template by Rachel How


  • Clear organization template for freelancers
  • Projects, tasks, invoices, income, freelancer profiles, and companies
  • Templates for client onboarding, feedback, NDA, proposals, and more
  • Lifetime updates

💲Price: $39

21. Fitness Tracking Template

Fitness Tracking Template screenshot
Fitness Tracking Template by Jasper Dunn


  • Weekly fitness tracking
  • Bodyweight, steps, calories, sleep, mood rating, and energy rating
  • Calorie calculator
  • Weekly averages

💲Price: Free

22. Small Business OS

Small Business OS template screenshot
Small Business OS template by Jeremy Foucray


  • Clear and comprehensive organization for small businesses and freelancers
  • Management of projects, collaborations, sales pipeline, and finances
  • Unified workspace for your company
  • Light mode and dark mode

💲Price: $149

23. Notion Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker template screenshot
Notion Habit Tracker template by Nick Lafferty


  • Simple minimalistic design
  • Morning and evening routines
  • Weekly tracker of single completed habits
  • Helpful links and monthly reflections

💲Price: Free

24. Life Planner 3.0

Life Planner 3.0 template screenshot
Life Planner 3.0 template by Poonam Sharma


  • Personal and creator spaces
  • Complete dashboard for schedules, tasks, and routines
  • Easy navigation
  • Budget, subscriptions, journal, shopping list

💲Price: $10

25. Animedoro Dashboard

Animedoro Dashboard template screenshot
Animedoro Dashboard template by Heyraiu


  • Productivity template for anime lovers
  • Task and productivity tracker
  • 60-minute timer with notifications
  • Lofi background music

💲Price: Free

26. Stoic Life Journal

Stoic Life Journal template screenshot
Stoic Life Journal template by Pascio


  • Minimalist and elegant stoic journaling template
  • Dozens of stoic teachers and quotes to learn from
  • Hundreds of writing prompts and journaling questions
  • Weekly review

💲Price: $25


Organizing your life has never been easier thanks to these 26 top-notch aesthetic Notion templates. As beautiful as they are practical, these templates promise to turn your Notion workspace into a delightful digital haven.

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