Notion can be challenging to master, especially when you set up a workspace for the first time. However, the software is incredibly helpful and offers many customization options when creating notes, wikis, journals, tables, calendars, and any other page that can help you organize your life better in any way. To alleviate the daunting task of creating a workspace from scratch, you can rely on the best and free Notion templates available to download and designed by the developers and users alike.

From college, business, and productivity templates to health and personal finance, there is a free template for every use case. We love Notion, and we have carefully reviewed these templates to ensure they will bring nothing more than ease of mind to your personal and professional life. In addition, you can customize the templates further if you need to. There are no limits! Keep scrolling and choose your free template.

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Free Productivity Notion templates

These free Notion templates will boost your productivity by helping you track your pending tasks, know your deadlines, plan your week, and avoid procrastination.

Projects & Tasks

Projects & Tasks template screenshot
Projects & Tasks template by Notion


  • Two connected databases: Projects and Tasks
  • Comprehensive project tracking with different views
  • Tasks with Status, Assignee, Due, Priority, Tags, and Block properties
  • Perfect for personal and professional projects

Kanban board

Kanban board template screenshot
Kanban board template by Notion


  • To-do, In Progress, and Complete statuses for tasks
  • Detailed Kanban board with additional steps
  • Card view for teams

Habit tracker

Habit tracker template screenshot


  • Comprehensive habit tracking
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Automatic daily row creation
  • Weekly and card views

Task Manager

Task Manager template screenshot
Task Manager template by Notionway


  • Tasks categorized into areas
  • Visual dashboard with all your pending tasks
  • Progress bar

Minimalist Habit Tracker

Minimalist Habit Tracker template screenshot
Minimalist Habit Tracker template by Thomas Frank


  • Weekly task dashboard
  • Beautiful design
  • Useful button to create a new week

Free Personal Notion templates

The following free Notion templates are designed to make your personal life easier, help you keep track of your hobbies, and make it more organized and entertaining.


Journal template screenshot
Journal template by Notion


  • Simple template for journaling
  • Daily journal entries and personal entries
  • Intentions, happening, grateful for, and action items


Watchlist template screenshot
Watchlist template by Yeni


  • Keep track of your current and pending movies, TV shows, books, and music
  • Organize by watch/read, name, year, rating, genre, and first watched/read
  • “Next up” sections

All-in-One Travel Planner

All-in-One Travel Planner template screenshot
All-in-One Travel Planner template by Andy Kan


  • Beautiful travel planner template with directory and to-do lists
  • Past trips and upcoming trips
  • Rewards programs section
  • Suitable for mobile devices

Simple Wishlist & Shopping List

Simple Wishlist & Shopping list template screenshot
Simple Wishlist & Shopping List template by Gridfiti


  • Shopping list with prices, specs, brands, priority, category, and URL
  • Category, priority, store, and owned inventory views
  • Table design for easy reference

Book Tracker

Book Tracker template screenshot
Book Tracker template by Easlo


  • Visual book tracker
  • Reading, To Read, and Read views
  • Excellent to track your reading progress

Free Health & Fitness Notion templates

There is nothing like a good free Notion template that helps you cultivate healthy habits and keep control of your physical and mental health. Keep reading.

Fitness Planner

Fitness Planner template screenshot
Fitness Planner template by Chris


  • Minimalistic fitness planner
  • Several built-in exercises and categories for workouts
  • Meal plan included
  • Beautiful dark mode design

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker template screenshot
Sleep Tracker template by Severin


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Progress bar display
  • Personal sleep insights
  • Sleep progress tracking by days and months

30-Day Workout Plan

30-Day Workout Plan template screenshot
30-Day Workout Plan template by iNotion


  • A perfect template to start a workout plan
  • Built-in exercises and categories
  • Exercise guides included

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal template screenshot
Gratitude Journal template by Saelbi


  • Write down daily gratitude reflections
  • Daily and monthly views
  • Reflection examples for inspiration included

Mental Health Journal

Mental Health Journal template screenshot
Mental Health Journal template by Notionalist


  • Aesthetic and relaxed design
  • Emotion tracking and insights
  • Trigger identification
  • Energy levels

Free Personal Finance Notion templates

Knowing where every cent goes is essential. However, with too many apps, bank accounts, and subscriptions today, this may be hard. Check out the following free Personal Finance Notion templates to organize your income and expenses.

Personal Finance Tracker with Automations

Personal Finance Tracker with Automations template screenshot
Personal Finance Tracker with Automations template by Notion


  • Finance tracker divided by quarters and months
  • Visual organization of income and expenses
  • Categorizing with tags
  • The date is automatically updated

Budget Planning

Budget Planning template screenshot
Budget Planning template by Notion


  • Simple yet effective template for budget planning
  • Built-in categories for expenses with amount, date, and comments
  • Calendar, categories, Kanban-style board
  • Monthly caps

Subscription Tracker

Subscription Tracker template screenshot
Subscription Tracker template by Notion


  • All your subscriptions at a glance
  • Built-in categories
  • Monthly and yearly costs
  • Renewal dates

Investments Tracker

Investments Tracker template screenshot
Investments Tracker template by Renan Greca


  • Complete investment dashboard with returns
  • Liquid values at a given date
  • Average growth and yearly returns
  • Investment types

Trading Journal

Trading Journal template screenshot
Trading Journal template by ASHWANI


  • Complete trading journal dashboard
  • Trading and order types
  • Date, setup, time frame, ROI, risk, and more

Free Notion templates for businesses

These templates are perfect to use in your business, at work, or freelancing. They will help you organize and manage your different business areas, projects, sales, onboarding, customers, and ideas.

Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap template screenshot
Product Roadmap template by Notion


  • Track product launches
  • Useful timeline view
  • Organize your projects and tasks around a new product
  • Improve teamwork and cross-functional work

Content Calendar

Content Calendar template screenshot
Content Calendar template by Notion


  • Manage your content calendar in one place
  • Name, status, owner, dates, priority, completion progress bar
  • Deliverables calendar
  • Views by status, project, or assignee

Social Media Planner

Social Media Planner template screenshot
Social Media Planner template by Notionglobe


  • Social media planner divided into platforms
  • Unscheduled and scheduled posts views
  • Built-in content types
  • Calendar view

Startup in a Box

Startup in a Box template screenshot
Startup in a Box template by Notion


  • All-in-one complete template for startups
  • Ideas, launch, fundraising, and scaling
  • Calendars, content management systems, company home, careers page
  • Video tutorial included

Manage Your E-commerce Business with Notion

Manage Your E-commerce Business with Notion template screenshot
Manage Your E-commerce Business with Notion template by Notionway


  • Complete template to manage an online business
  • Orders, inventory, price calculator, restock indicator
  • Comprehensive views of every aspect of your e-commerce business

Free Notion templates for students

Whether starting a new course, learning a new language, or trying to declutter your desk when studying, these free Notion templates have you covered.

Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard template screenshot
Student Dashboard template by Notion


  • Course details with lecture notes, homework, and a to-do list
  • Clubs and personal projects sections
  • Calendar view for all your course tasks

Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner

Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner template screenshot
Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner template by The Matcha Vibe


  • Course pages
  • Calendar with assignments and exams
  • Habit tracker
  • Notebook

University Hub

University Hub template screenshot
University Hub template by Fre


  • Comprehensive dashboard for your university career
  • Today’s view to prepare your day
  • Courses, lessons, modules, exams, tasks, and professors databases
  • Job search page with free Canva resume template

Language Learning

Language Learning template screenshot
Language Learning template by Fronk


  • Add as many languages as you want
  • Due Today section
  • Weekly focus and quick links sections
  • Cultures and Resources sections


Flashcards template screenshot
Flashcards template by Easlo


  • Flashcards template to boost memory and learning
  • Five built-in categories for difficulty levels
  • Courses, last reviewed, and tags properties

How to automate Notion templates

Notion is incredibly powerful on its own, and it lets users customize their databases down to the detail for personal projects, work, business, finance, health, fitness, and any other use case you can think of. These free Notion templates above will help you organize your life and help clear your mind. At the same time, adding automations can make this process much easier and save you more time.

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